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Omega Schools moves into new phase of growth

Omega Schools is moving into an exciting new phase of development. Founded by Ken Donkoh and Professor James Tooley, the company opened its first low-cost private schools in 2009 and has grown in the last 5 years to serve around 20,000 students in nearly 40 schools. Ken Donkoh, who has served as co-founder and CEO of Omega since inception, has chosen to step down to pursue another opportunity.

The co-founders recognise that now is the right time to develop a senior management team that will take the company to new heights of professionalism and scale. Already in place are Sam Dogbatse (Chief Operating Officer), Kaleda Stokes (Chief Academic Officer) and William Danso (Director of Finance and Administration). The board of Omega and the co-founders have great confidence in this management team. They have been joined by Alain Guy Tanefo, who joins as the new Chief Executive Officer. Alain is particularly suited to this role, coming from a background serving as CEO of multiple healthcare institutions at key stages in their growth.

In the next couple of years, Ken Donkoh will direct some of his unique entrepreneurial talents to improving the quality of low-cost private schools in other African countries, where his skills are sorely needed. Ken has agreed to act as an advisor to Omega for the next several months and stay on as a Non Executive Director on the Board of Omega Schools; Professor James Tooley also stays on the Board as Chairman. The commitment to serving the needs of children of aspirational families remains unchanged as the focus of Omega Schools. The world’s largest education company, Pearson, through its Affordable Learning Fund, is also increasing its investment in Omega Schools, and remains strongly committed to the company’s long-term future.

Ken Donkoh said: “Thanks to the dedication and commitment of the wonderful staff, parents and students across the Omega Schools family, we have demonstrated a low cost model for educating children at a very low cost. We are excited about the future and the great talents that will be carrying the vision going forward.”

Professor James Tooley remarked: “Ken and I are both very excited about this new phase. It is clear that Omega Schools will go from strength to strength, building on the huge contribution that Ken has made.”

Katelyn Donnelly, Managing Director of Pearson’s Affordable Learning Fund and Omega Board Member, commented: “Omega Schools has experienced tremendous expansion in the last few years. We are excited to continue to support Omega Schools as it grows in the future. PALF is committed to ensuring high business and learning standards in our portfolio companies and we will continue to bring that rigour to Omega. ”

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